Where To Buy Size Genetics UK

Where To Buy Size Genetics UK

Size Genetics Review

 For A Longer Or Straighter Penis – Learn More About Size Genetics And What Makes It The Worlds #1

Developed by a leading surgeon in Denmark over 18 years ago, The Size Genetics Range of penis devices were used to help support penises after surgery and to correct both micro penis syndrome and curvature (Peyronies Disease)


The device has been copied many time but nothing has beaten the effectiveness of Size Genetics. A Type one medical device that means that is constructed using only the highest medical grade materials and has been successful in helping over 250,000 men worldwide.

With guaranteed results and 100% safe to use, the device has been a valued addition to helping men all over the world.

Size Genetics Is

  • Medically Approved
  • Guaranteed To Work Or A Full Money Refund
  • Increase Length By Up To 3”
  • Proven To Correct Peyronies Disease

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How Does Size Genetics Work

By using the proven method of gentle yet permanent traction. The device is worn over the penis to provide a pain free pulling pressure along the full length of the penis. This over time encourages the internal tissue cells to stretch, divide and duplicate which in turn increases mass to the penis.

This process also helps to break down hardened plaques that cause penile curvature.

Traction is used every day by doctors worldwide to lengthen and correct injured or stunted limbs.  Even primitive tribal cultures are known to use traction to lengthen necks, lips and ears.

Safe, Painless and Permanent Results

How Long Does The Process Take To Work

It depends on your starting size and your intended gains, results do not happen overnight. By wearing the device daily, and for as long as possible, the results will be more effective and quicker to achieve.

To gain maximum results of between 2 and 3″ increase it will take between 4 and 6 months, but an encouraging increase of 1/2” can be achieved in as little as 2 weeks.

How Comfortable Is The Size Genetics Device

The makers put comfort at the top of their list when developing Size Genetics and with this in mind have ensured that the device is comfortable enough to wear for extended periods.

Time Worn Is Crucial To Maximising Results


With a unique 58 way comfort system the has a extensive choice of fittings and ways that it can be worn for maximum benefit – many other copycat devices use just a simple silicone loop to secure the head of the penis – these can be uncomfortable and can limit the wearing time of the device.

How Much Of An Increase in Size Can I Achieve

Up to 3” is possible coupled with a noticeable increase in thickness (girth). Peyronies disease sufferers will benefit from a straighter, noticeably longer penis.

Guaranteed To Work Or Your Money Back

Size Genetics understand that this is a long term commitment for the user and with this in mind to give you assurance of a risk free purchase, they offer all buyers a 180 day cash back guarantee.  If you are not completely satisfied with the results and fail to achieve any improvement then you will receive a full refund.

Where Can I Buy Size Genetics Device

You Can Order from the official website worldwide. Alternatively buyers can order by telephone the international 24 hr customer service line.

Shipping is quick,secure and most importantly- discreet

Prices start at £127.00 – there are a variety of package options to choose from

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