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Male Extra Review

 The True Natural Alternative To Viagra

Are you one of many men who find reaching and maintaining an erection a problem? Are you shying away from sex?  Don’t suffer anymore help is at hand.

Male Extra Can Help

What Is Male Extra?

Male Extra Male Enhancement Supplement has been formulated specifically to boost sexual performance, with only natural properties and no side effects, is as effective as Viagra.

With the accolade of winning then title of Best Penis Pill several years running, it offers a fast, safe and easy solution to your sexual problems.

Male Extra can give you the benefit of:

  • Increased Ejaculation Power and Quality
  • Firmer, Harder and Longer Erections
  • Boost Sex Drive
  • Increase Sexual Stamina and Virility

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All Ingredients Scientifically Proven

The problem is many supplements contain weak and ineffective ingredients.  Male Extra provides only proven ingredients with a formula that greatly benefits male sexual performance and health.

Pomegranate 40% Ellagic

Has been given the title of ‘Natures Viagra’ and rightly so as this fruit naturally boosts the production of nitric oxide and blood flow to the penis by helping to dilate the blood vessels giving staying power to erections and quality.


Is an amino acid which aids the the production of nitric oxide which produces a harder, firmer erection.

Niacin and Cordyceps

Both have been proven to improve staying power, energy and boost Libido

male extra ingredients


Male Extra Works By:

Increasing the body’s natural supply of nitric oxide.  This helps relax and dilate the blood vessels, allowing a greater supply of blood to flow into the penis leading to firmer and generally larger and longer-lasting erections.

Just take 3 pills once a day

Male Extra – Better Sex Naturally


  1. Clinically tested and scientifically proven
  2. All Natural Ingredients
  3. No Side Effects
  4. No Embarrassing Trips To The Doctor
  5. A Risk Free Alternative To Viagra And Other Conventional Treatments
  6. Improved Sexual Performance, stamina and desire


  1. Not Suitable For Those Who Find Tablet Taking Difficult
  2. More expensive than some prescription alternatives

Our Thoughts

The benefits far outweigh the negatives.  All ingredients are natural and without side effects (a definite plus) alongside medical backing confirming the effectiveness.  This may be the perfect solution to improving sexual performance.

Where To Buy Male Extra

You can purchase Male Extra exclusively online from the manufacturers website.

Male Extra is priced at £39.95 (RRp £54.95) for a One month supply.

There are various larger package options available at discounted prices.

Orders are shipped worldwide both quickly and discreetly with the protection of a lengthy cash-back guarantee if you are not completely satisfied with the results.

Effective And Risk Free – What Have You To Lose?

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