Prosolution Gel Review

Prosolution Gel

 The Best Selling Erection Gel In The USA – Now Available In The UK

There is nothing worse than getting ready for a night of passion and hey presto you can’t rise to the occasion.  Just one of those things, most of the time there is no medical reason for it. Maybe you are tired, had one drink too many or maybe it’s the first time with this partner and you are feeling anxious. Either way its very frustrating and embarrassing, not to mention that it does nothing for the male ego….

You Can Get Help…

The Fast Way To Improve Your Erection, Boost Blood Flow

Our ability to get an erection is purely down to bloodflow, if enough flows into the penis, an erection will develop…a natural compound called nitric oxide is responsible for controlling this blood flow to the penis, if the levels decrease, the blood vessels can constrict.  When this occurs blood flow can be reduced and in turn causes problems either keeping an erection or even getting one.

If you boost the natural nitric oxide levels, more blood flows into the penis due to the blood vessels relaxing and you can once again enjoy a harder, longer lasting erection.

Prescription drugs such as Viagra and Levitra do just that, they increase the natural levels of nitric oxide and as a result, increase the blood flow.. they can be very effective,  but they can only be legally obtained with a doctors prescription after a full health assessment as they can cause other problems and have been linked to some quite unpleasant side effects….

Issues With Prescription drugs like Viagra:

  • They can only be obtained (legally) by prescription
  • They take time to work –
  • They have been linked to some dangerous side effects

With all the above taken into consideration, it is no wonder that natural alternatives have been developed.

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Prosolution Gel

US based manufacturer Prosolution have developed a special gel, that when massaged into the penis, generates an erection almost instantly. Much like viagra but without the possible side effects, the results are quick to appear and usually long lasting

Made from all natural libido enhancing ingredients, pro solution gel gets quickly absorbed through the skin into the blood stream to increase the nitric oxide levels, promoting an increased flow of blood to provide a visibly harder, stronger erection.

Prosolution Gel works quickly – often in less than a minute, you can be spontaneous, no waiting for it to work.(unlike pills that can take an hour or two)

Not only can you enjoy better erection quality, but the gel is great lubricant helping to boost performance and enjoyment.

Why Choose Prosolution Gel

  • Improves Sexual Stamina
  • Instant Erections
  • Increases Ejaculation Power
  • Quicker Recovery Time
  • Sold With A 90 Day Cash Back Guarantee

The Formula

Aloe Vera – A soothing botanical that helps the skin absorb the natural ingredients in to the penis, quickly and effectively

L-Arginine – An amino acid that increases nitric oxide in the body.  Nitric oxide dilates the blood vessels to allow greater blood flow to the penis. More blood flow equals a better erection.

Bearberry Extract – Also known as uva ursi, an astringent herb which has been used for centuries in treatments specific to the urinary tract. Bearberry increases the movement of fluid to help build a harder erection and a stronger climax.

Algae Extract – Provides suppleness to the epidermis of the skin, allowing better penetration of the ProSolution Gel Active formula while lending a sensual, gliding feel as you apply it.

 To Read The Full Formula Details Click Here

Our Verdict

Prosolution have a long standing reputation for producing some of the best products in their field.

Prosolution Gel gives men a safe alternative to prescription drugs.

With fast acting results its a great way to enjoy better sex – on demand with no fear of failure.

Now available To Buy In The UK

Prosolution Gel is now available throughout the UK and EU

Ordering is simple – just go to the official website, it costs just

£31.50 (USD$49.95) for a tube containing 30 applications

Orders are shipped worldwide from local distribution centres; delivery is discreet and fast.

Keep A Tube Handy – You’ll Always Be Prepared

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