Penile Curvature Causes And Cures

Peyronies Disease And Natural Curvature

The Causes Of Penile Curvature And How It Can Be Treated

If you have developed a bend or a curve in your penis you may be suffering from a condition called Peyronies Disease. It usually shows itself when you are erect. Don’t panic – help is at hand.  Around 25% of men worldwide have this problem ranging from almost unnoticeable to a more severe degree.

Most men with the condition don’t have any issues with this and carry on through life with no adverse effects, in fact some are not even aware that they Peyronies.

For men with a more severe form of curvature it is a problem that needs to addressed.

Peyronies disease can prevent the sufferer from enjoying sex.  It can be painful for both partners and in some cases make lovemaking almost impossible.

What Is Peyronies Disease

Peyronies Disease is caused by scar tissue formation inside the penis, no known reason as yet is known as to why it happens, although some experts believe it may be due to an injury or trauma to the penis.  Some also believe that hormone and vitamin deficiency could be the cause.

Some men have a natural curvature to their penis. this is often genetically based and has nothing to do with Peyronies Disease.

Formation of scar tissue usually occurs in the soft flexible chambers in the penis. hard plaques are formed by the scar tissue. Ultimately these make the affected tissue inflexible.

When the penis fills with blood and becomes erect, the affected area of tissue does not increase in size or swell along with the rest of the penis.  Because of this the penis curves towards the scarred area.

(imagine placing a sticking plaster on a balloon and then blowing it up, you will see a similar affect)

In severe cases, the bend can be up to a much as 90 degrees which could make successful intercourse impossible.

How Can I Treat Peyronies Disease

Vitamin treatments have been used by Doctors with a small degree of effectiveness.

Surgical procedures are available but are generally considered to be a last resort and can be include several options:

  • Tightening or pinching of the skin to give balance to both side of the penis.
  • The placing of grafts or implants to try and force the penis straight.

As with any surgical procedure, they can be painful and not alway successful.  There is a possibility of the penis becoming shorter in length and may cause a reduction in erection function.

The Most Effective Treatment Of Peyronies Disease

Penis traction devices have been proven to be the best way to treat most cases of Peyronies disease.

Doctors agree that the results from using these devices are generally effective.

Although they sound rather medieval, traction devices are used by the medical profession for many medical issues such as lengthening or straightening limbs with good results.

Applying this principal to the penis has been welcomed and approved by doctors for its ability to reduce the effects of peyronies disease and some cases of natural curvature, even completely ridding the sufferer of the problem in most cases.

What Device Should I Be Looking For

With many traction devices available, the first thing you should look for that the device is classed as an official type one medical device. You must be sure that it is made with medical grade material, and a full guarantee is a must for your security and peace of mind.

As with any product, there are some that just won’t do the job.  Try to buy the best device you can afford.  Make sure the product carries the medical device classification.  You must ensure that there is no risk of harm or financial loss.

We have researched several known products and have settled on one we think is the best traction device available today.

Size Genetics

The Size Genetice is the worlds only specially designed traction device, aimed at the treatment of all types of curvature.

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