Bathmate Hydromax x30 Review

Bathmate Hydromax x30 Review

With a long established name in the industry for effective and safe results, the Hydromax X30 is the latest model to be developed by Bathmate.

The Original Bathmate Hercules, one of the first of the vacuum penis pumps, became popular for its ability to generate powerful erections and increased penis length…designed to use in the bath or shower, the water in the device not only protects but supports the penis while the process is working.

The new generation Hydromax X30 generates up to 35% more pressure than the original Hercules design.  With more comfort by a special softer sealing ring. The user will experience better results without the worry of discomfort.

The pump is basically a cylinder made of polycarbonate. It is simple to operate with a pressure switch to close and open the valve when the device is being used.  The pump comes in a choice of clear, red or blue colours.

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How To Use The Hydromax

The Hydromax is simple to use, all you do is open the valve by sliding the switch sideways, fill the device with water and place over the penis, make sure the cushion pad is correctly fitted around the groin.

By pumping the device up and down, the remaining water and air will be pushed out through the valve at the top. When the correct amount of pressure is felt, shut the valve and wear the device for between 2-20 minutes at a time.

The internal vacuum power helps to draw increased amounts of blood into the penis, helping to give the user stronger, often visibly larger erections in minutes. If you are using the device to rectify erection problems, the device can be removed immediately, If you aiming to increase penis length, then for the best results, wear for up to 20 minutes.

Bathmate Hydromax

  • Safe And Effective
  • Visibly Larger Erections In Minutes
  • Generate Permanent Penis Growth With Regular Use

Users Feedback

The general verdict from users is that the original Bathmate was ( and still is) an effective product, with many users praising the results.  With the improved power and comfort Hydromax provides, this should be the next step to increasing penis power and strength.

Only downside reported was that the X30 is on the small side, a device size more suited to penises with a maximum erection size of just 7”.

Some users have said that they have to purchase another device as they grow larger…. This fact could be rectified by investing in the X40 instead... a slightly larger model that will accept penises over 8″.


The Hydromax X30 will fit penises up to just over 7” when erect (as above)

Our Verdict

Bathmate are one of the biggest names in the industry, their reputation has been well earned and is fully justified.

We recommend the Hydromax range of pumps, they have been proven to be more effective than air pumps with the added bonus of being safer and more confortable to use.

We rate the Hydromax X30 as one of our top three – a safe and effective penis pump choice – Highly Recommended

Where Can I Buy Hydromax X30

Available to purchase online from the manufacturers and approved resellers,

You will get a full 90 day cash back guarantee when you buy direct from the manufacturers..

Prices average out at $155.00 (GBP £99.50)

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